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Hypnosis Sessions

Life Issues - Love - Relationships -Phobias -  
Stress - Anxiety  - Depression -  
Virtual and Live Hypnosis Sessions

Everyones  feeling the aftermath of the pandemic and for many  have no where to turn for support or help. Coaching and Hypnosis can help - Book your private on line session(s). The first consultation/assessment is free

See hypnosis sessions tab for other Hypnosis offerings.

'I'm listening"

Concerned about weight management ?

I will be taking on a limited number of clients to participate in a personal weight loss/management program. 

After many years of working with many programs myself, I am absolutely positive the missing ingredient is hypnosis and accountability  I will combine both along with bi-weekly and weekly check in with Consultation and Hypnosis to assure you achieve your  goals.

Register for your free initial consultation.

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Phil Ross Founder  CHT, CTHT, Published Author and Producer of the Soul Destiny Series, Serial Entrepreneur
"I'm Listening"

Hello and welcome to my website. 26 years ago I made a life decision to redirect my business career to a more fulfilling life that included the Personal Development field. I combined my then 25 years of business experience with a spiritually aligned purposeful focus for a more balanced approach to life . The goal was to achieve a more fulfilling yet grounded and balanced career and lifestyle of Business and Spirituality.

Since I made this decision I traveled the world, became a best selling published  author, producer and founder of The Soul Destiny Series of books, cds and multi media, multi sensory experiential workshops that I named   Soul Destiny Discovery,  Soul Destiny The Master Key, Soul Destiny Discovery. I have produced transformational workshops around the world since 1998. I learned  and became certified in the Akashic Records Train the Trainers Instructors training - Certified in Hypnosis and Transpersonal Hypnosis . I also kept my commercial business interest founding several new business ventures. With the focus on balance of spiritual while grounding. All my businesses have a purpose of making our planet better. 

During my past  45 year business career I enjoyed the challenge of many startup companies some very successful with annual sales over Fifty Million dollars. I have experienced hard times and good times and learned to be adaptable to life's market swings and challenges . Change is more constant in our world now than ever.

My forte is combining a grounded foundation of real world application of business with spiritual well being. A combination that fosters excellence in Wealth , Health and Love.

I look forward to working with you. "Making a difference in your life Is my life purpose and passion". 

With this new website launch I will now be offering: 

Professional Coaching - Personal &  Business

On line or OnSite Certified Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy (Past Life) sessions and packages combining Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy. We will address  life situations and action for quick permanent transformation and success. Blending  the power of thought at the conscious and subconscious level.

Akashic Records individual Readings and Group Training.

With over 50 years of business and transformational work I orchestrate the interaction of transformational mindset with life goals in Health, Wealth and Love.

There are only three frontiers of life that are necessary for happiness

 Health - Wealth - Love.  

Once you you master all three you will achieve

LIFE MASTERY and Balanced Happiness

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Home: Testimonials

Here are two of many testimonials on this product:

“This is the first time I have taken charge of my life and have a definite purpose to help not only myself and my family be all we can be, but a renewed desire to be of service to the local and global community.”

A C- Financial Planner and Insurance Broker Australia

“Having done everything from studying law at Harvard to being a naturopath, I have been searching for my life path for many years. MDG is the only opportunity I have found that manages to combine financial success with true career satisfaction.”


 Life Mastery POWERFUL

Hypno-Coaching .

Coaching with Hypnosis  for fast lasting results  !

Achieve Your Goals

How is Life Mastery Hypnosis -Coaching different from life coaching or business coaching ?

Life Mastery Hypno-Coaching (LMHC) focuses on your life going forward and life past to identify and discard sabotaging patterns and habits. It will enhance your  regular coaching process by working with the often opposing mental conflict between your conscious and  subconscious mind. Hypno-Coaching includes a variety of hypnotherapeutic techniques, visualizations, and guided imagery exercises. We use these tools to bypass your conscious mind’s intellectual critical factor and directly contact your subconscious creative force that resides deep within us. We call upon the subconscious mind to work in alignment with our physical dimensions, our emotional dimensions, and our mental dimensions.

These Hypno-Coaching tools have several benefits by helping people …

... identify sabotaging current and past life habits and patterns...

...identify valued  habits and patterns from past and current life for building a successful future...

… move through the regular coaching process more quickly …

… process your thoughts, feelings and emotions more clearly …

… face up to blocks and resistance more readily …

… and thus get far more out of every step of the regular coaching process.

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Conscious & Sub Conscious Life Transformation

Support That Makes a Difference

Need help to achieve your goals in life? I utilize an array of communication skills to provide coaching services that give you the tools for success. In addition to 1-on-1 consultations and group sessions, I regularly host workshops and seminars for people who are interested in developing their own coaching techniques.


Private Hypnosis Sessions

Guidance, Inspiration , Wellbeing

Private online or in studio sessions:  

• Weight loss 1 • Weight loss 2•Smoking Cessation 1• Smoking Cessation 2

• Anxiety/ Panic • Allergies • Eating Compulsion • Fears and Phobias

• Insomnia • Public Speaking • Fixations

• Sexual fulfillment • Pain management • Stress management

• Past life journey • Akashic Journey • Life between lives

• Career planning • Confidence for success • Attracting abundance

• Developing a sense of  humour • Ending a relationship • Enhance creativity

• Memory comprehension • Stress management • Over achievers

• Public speaking

• Self esteem/ image • Self sabotage • Motivation/attitude

• Accessing souls memory • Attracting a soul mate • Chakra attunement

• Beyond tomorrow, accessing

your future • Developing

psychic ability • Finding your souls destiny

  • Life purpose• Re– visit past life's that affect your current life

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Akashic Readings and Workshops

Once learned and embraced you will never be alone again!

You will be at one with all that is.

"this is my personal truth and experience over the years as I have accessed and communicated with my Akashic Masters and Teachers"  phil ross

The Library of Your Eternal Soul and Universal  Answers - Communication and Solutions outside our norm.

What is the Objective of a Akashic Reading ? 

Why do we read the records? Rather than a reading its more an open communication with the Masters and Teachers custodians of our souls eternal records. 


The soul’s education in self-awareness is undertaken through a process of cause and effect.  This cause-and-effect growth pattern was examined in nearly two thousand Cayce readings which explored the topic of reincarnation.  These possibilities are all inscribed upon the Akashic Records.  An individual’s choices, actions, and free will in the present actually determine the experience lived this time around.   According to Edgar Cayce, it wasn’t nearly so important as to who an individual had once been (or even what he or she had been doing), as it was paramount that the individual focus on the present and the opportunities and the challenges that faced the person in this time, in this place, right now.

In our workshops you will.

Learn to connect with your Spiritual Masters Teachers – Higher Self - Loved Ones –

  • Visit the Akashic Library through hypnosis – and record your journey.

  • Learn how to access the library instantly and listen to your guides 

  • Learn to access your past lives that are relevant to your current journey

Talk with the highest level of spiritual truth and gain insight and clarity.

Promote knowledge and healing energy to further soul’s growth.

Understand Material and access the records for their energy

to obtain knowledge of what they are and to be able to enter at will.

The end result: Guidance and Comfort from the Masters and Teachers to press on to  your Soul Journey.​

How Readings Work?


Frequently, a reading might suggest that only a selection of the available material was being provided, but that the individual was being given that which would be “most helpful and hopeful”.  Additional insights were frequently provided in subsequent readings once an individual had attempted to work with and apply the information which had been given previously.


In fact, the Akashic Records have such an impact upon our lives and the potential and probabilities we draw toward us that  any exploration of them cannot help but provide us with insights into the nature of ourselves and our relationship to the universe.

Just what is the purpose of the Akashic Records in the first place?


Simply put, the answer is to keep track of and assist with each soul’s personal growth and transformation.  



Soul Destiny 2 Day Transformation Workshop and 3 Day Multi Media- Multi Experiential- Interactive Journey

Re Discover what you want this time around for your Soul and Life Journey with Purpose and Passion. Achieve Optimal Health - Wealth and Love

You Will Discover…
•What You Want in Life without limit or compromise.
•Your Life Purpose and why you are here. 
•How to Embrace Your Passion for a happy fulfilling life. 
•How to Discover and Release Life Patterns that are sabotaging your success. 
•How to Create a Happy Balance of Health, Wealth and Love. 
•Your Adaptability to endure change.
•How Words Affect Your Everyday Life, outcomes, and how to use words powerfully. 
•The Being of Listening and how it will increase attraction and expand your life.
•Learn How Detachment can set you free.
•Learn How to Create Clarity for what you truly want, with purpose and passion.
•Create a working plan on moving forward

Wandering Traveler

Relationship Coaching Session

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. With my coaching sessions, you’ll learn about acceptance and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you.

Man Looking Out to the Mountains

Life Coaching Session

Get the Most out of Life

This service is a favourite among many, as it is often times one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. My role is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. Call now to schedule a session.

Life Coach.jpg

Career Coaching Session

Guidance & Inspiration

Do you feel like you are always adding new tasks to your to-do list but never crossing anything out? My specialization will help guide and inspire you to achieve more of your personal and professional goals. Get in touch today and start taking control of your life with my coaching tools and techniques.

Relationship 3.jpg

Relationship Coaching Session

Partners - Friends and Communicating

Making relationships work requires many facets of communication and understanding of one's self and others. Putting into practice the art of communication, understanding and compassion. Being aware that each of us are different in our life purpose and how that effects our relationships is crucial to a healthy relationship. As you Discover, share and support  each others Soul purpose in life  you will be set free and open up amazing possibilities of healthy relationships. Couples and individual sessions.

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William Shakespeare

“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

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