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Testimonials: Testimonials
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Adam  Hudson  - Australia

From broke to 8 figure net worth in 5 years and personally fulfilled! 
My name is Adam Hudson. I first came into contact with Phil Ross and this material in 1997. At the time, I was 22 years old and seeking a genuine opportunity to get ahead financially. I was making about $380/week as a picture framer. I saw Phil's advertisement in a business magazine and decided to make the call from my home in Australia all the way to Canada to find out more. That decision, to take a chance, turned out to be one of the most critical turning points in my life. 
After several discussions with Phil, I decided to borrow a small amount of money from friends to buy the program and try it out. I was broke at the time and I was afraid that if I sent my money overseas I would never see anything in return. Well, that didn't happen, and Phil became both a mentor and a friend to me over the coming months. 
In the early stages, I am sure I frustrated Phil no end. I made lots of mistakes, my thinking needed major adjustment but that's where the magic of this business lies. The product itself actually transforms the necessary things within you to change your results. People used to say to me, "I am not sure if this business is for me." I would say, "Of course it isn't! If it was it would be a business for underachievers! You need a business that doesn't suit you and then you need to become the person that it does suit...and I have just the product to do help you make that change." 
Within a few months I was making over $10,000 a month. Within two years I had an extremely large business with several hundred sales people all over the country. I had essentially retired from work and was playing for a living. I traveled all over the world and finally sold my business. 
The significant effect of this knowledge though continues in my life today. Today, I am 28 years old. I am a multi-millionaire with an 8 figure net worth. I own two very successful companies and recently sold a third which was turning over in excess of $100 Million annually. I started that business with less than $15,000 and built it to that level within 2 years. 
I am fulfilled and I wake up every day with an unshakable confidence about my life. Phil and I are still very good friends today and I cannot recommend him highly enough as a mentor and business partner. This material is designed to transform you into the person it takes to get you from wherever you are, to wherever you would like to be. It was what got me on this path. 
There is a lot to this story which Phil can tell you about. We went through a tremendous amount together. We worked hard (Phil was regularly up at 3AM to assist me on group sales calls in Australia). We took risks and most of all, we applied the information contained in the program. If you need further clarity, I can by reached via email at <
All I can say is that if you truly want to change...deep in your bones, then Phil and this program can help you. You must however accept 100% total responsibility for your own life and accept that every day, it is you that makes your reality. Personal development is ONLY tested when times are tough. Its easy to bounce around saying your happy and the course is great when things are going great, its when your down to your last cent and nothing is working that the test begins. Most fail. Those that can take full responsibility in these moments will shine and grow and reap life's rewards. 
Adam Hudson. Sydney, Australia.

Testimonials: Testimonials
Marcia 2.jpg

"Phil Ross is a master at guiding people to their inner power and then working with them to be accountable to produce the results they say they want. He is kind, and fun as well, and people not only learn much from him in how to be more effective in life, but also have a great time while they work with him. I highly recommend that you work with him if you want to transform the way you think and the results you achieve.

Marcia Martin, Transformational Leader and Executive Trainer

Marcia Martin

Carolyn jpeg.jpg

I have been searching for a long time to find something that would help me make my life better than what I was achieving. I looked at others whose life I liked and wondered what did they do differently to me. The Soul Destiny home study course has shown me clearly what is needed. Not only that, it has enabled me to apply the information in ways that have made the difference. It has not only shown me the theory and helped me understand it, it has given me clear directions - it is an operating manual for life. From my point of view, this is essential information that is not taught in
schools, nor is it taught by most of our parents - because they don't know either. This course is for anyone who wants to know how to effectively manage the subjective, intangible,

invisible part of ourselves.

Carolyn Hastie, New South Wales, Australia

Carolyn  -


Discovering MDG was definitely a pivotal point for me. Being in the People
Business, and having a natural inclination towards self-improvement always
had me wondering if I was contributing the most of myself towards ones
life's purpose. MDG made perfect sense to me
when I came across it. It gives me an opportunity to step out of the box,
reach out and help people make a stand towards finding and achieving their
goals, whatever that may be. Everyone deep down has their own heated passion
and sometimes don't even know it. If they are looking I can help them find
that.  The best part is while building an International Business, I work
around my lifestyle, get to travel the world, and spend  much more time with
my family and.... the team I work with at MDG is the most loving,
compassionate, unconditional and giving people I have ever worked with. That
means a lot to me.
- Jim Sapara

Jim Sapara

Testimonials: Testimonials
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